what to do if you experience a sharps injury

Knowing how to respond is critical if you experience a needlestick. First note that most sharps injuries do not result in transmission, irrespective it is essential to wash the needlestick site with soap and water, report the incident and seek further medical care immediately. In order to help prevent sharps and needlesticks, only employ needles when absolutely necessary, do not recap needles, do not hand a needle to someone else, never reach into a sharps container, and always report needlesticks.

The CDC is aware of the numerous incidents of needle sticks and sharps injuries that occur annually within hospital and healthcare settings, with a significant portion of these incidents going unreported. Many of these incidents occur unintentionally, such as during routine patient care by nurses or when two-handed needle recapping takes place. What are the potential dangers associated with these injuries, and what are the most effective strategies for their prevention and treatment?